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Xtreme 18 Plate Billet Clutch Kit

Xtreme have designed and developed this 18 plate billet clutch for the R35 Nissan GTR. It is ideal for those who are wishing to increase power and performance.

This 18 plate billet clutch kit has been tested by many tuners worldwide including ourselves. It has completed many launches with no problems whatsoever.

This clutch has been designed with one piece billet baskets, heat treated for extra durability and strength, one piece billet main carrier, one piece billet piston, high quality uprated piston seals, with wide carbon friction plates and surface ground heat treated steel plates.

Has the driving characteristic very similar to an oem clutch.

This clutch kit has been fully CNC machined to maintain excellent quality.

Capable of handling over 1000hp designed for high power cars.

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